The tick circle is shown to the right of the task?

Hello everyone,

This afternoon I have seen that the circle where you mark the task as complete in each task is shown on the right but in OF3 on Mac it is shown to the left of each task.

I wonder if it has always been like this or the circle of the tick was previously shown on the right in OF3 iOS

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I think it’s always been this way on iOS. It’s assuming that you are right handed. If you hold your phone in your right hand, it is easier to check off a task when the status circle is on the right.

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I wanted to know this!

Thanks wilsonng!! =)

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On the mac the tick circle is on left of the task field in ‘Columns’ mode but on the right (matching iOS on iPad/iphone) in ‘Fluid’ mode.
If you can handle the Fluid mode option you will get the same experience as on iOS.

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