The "Today" perspective in omnifocus 3 still can't be manually sorted

I created a forecast tag named “Today” and made a perspective show items tagged “Today”, however it couldn’t be sorted manually. I heavily depend on the manual sorting to organize the sequence of work. I think the perspective which appears in the home screen is more convenient to use and cleaner than other ways.
Although I understand I can manually them in the tag screen, but I have to tap the Tagged button first and then tap “Today” button, given that it is a “today” collection and is used very often, this process is not convenient. Another way to control it is in the forecast screen, but information in forecast screen is too much compared to that in the perspective .
Actually, What I really need is a button for items tagged “today” in the home screen so I can access it very quickly with manually sorting, and in the “today” screen the information is very clean and contains no other things. It would really really reduce my anxiety:)


You can reduce what is shown in Forecast, if that helps. I only show my Due and Forecast tag items there to keep it tidy (and to have manual sorting).

You could turn off calendar event views and deferred item display and maybe that would help?


Thank you for reply heyscottyj. After I update to patch 3.0.2, a bug seems come in the forecast so I cannot essentially hide the due items for conciseness by clicking the due’s triangle. Each time I click another date in the forecast, the due items in today’s forecast will also automatically expand out from a hidden state. But In patch 3.0.1 there is no such problem, I am very confused whether it is omnigoup’s intention or a bug…