Theme: "colorfontantiglare"

I call this amateur effort ‘colorfontantiglare’. Not sure I achieved it but I like it!


Hello revstu (or anyone, really!),

Can you tell me which property you changed in order to modify the toolbar color? I’m nearly finished with my theme, but I can’t find that one.



This theme is so cool!Thanks!

@wilsonng brought to my attention some issues with this theme-I’ve since updated it and forgot to post the changes.

I have posted the upgrade to dropbox at this link. Hopefully it will work but if not and I’ll try some other method.

I love omnifocus but I hate whitespace (it goes for my eyes). This theme removes whitespace and uses text colours to more strongly encourage effective task completion.

@wilsonng et al with the release of omnicolors v0.9 I have updated this file. Please can someone check it downloads and installs properly as a theme? if it does i will update the other themes.

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glad I’m not the only one, for the life of me I can’t find that colour!

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I’ll be honest I simply made exaggerated changes to see what did what! It takes time, a note pad and pen, but eventually you hit the target!