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Created a subject for the theme as I started to have some feedback and didn’t want to spam the Theme-Sharing Thread.
Needed to create a theme for OmniFocus that would be easy to the eyes and easy to focus on. Everything is in the gray and there is no absolute black or white. There is some issues for the moment with OmniFocus and the style, for more information, go to the GitHub project.

Don’t hesitate to comment! I’m having real fun doing this theme but I’m not a designer.


  • Evertything is grayed except for active task
  • Due task is highlighted so I have no excuse for missing them.
  • Soon due are blue
  • Left sidebar is darker to keep focus on the task even when it’s displayed.


Detailed / Full view

Simple / Focus view

Direct Download - GitHub


In reply of @tylerzyco from The Theme-Sharing Thread:

Hum, it seems it’s one of those bugs in OmniFocus, I may be wrong but my icons are all the same color and I have a couple of custom perspective. Here’s my without and with transparency. I realized working on the theme that some color (like strong text color) are not kept after changing perspective view. Do you have that issue all the time?

Custom perspective icons aren’t something you can edit using theming. This is a known limitation of custom perspective icons at this time. One workaround you might try is updating with a custom picture. That way, you can get it to look exactly how you want it to look. You can copy and paste into the Perspective icon area on the Mac as well as click the down arrow.

For example: The coffee cup, you can select the icon in Perspectives, copy it, Paste into any image editing app, get it just how you want, and paste back in or choose the file after saving it out.

I realize this is a workaround, but only the non-custom icons can be changed with the color palette of the theme at this time. I hope this can tide you over with a better look in the meantime. Good luck!


This seems to be an issue which can’t be resolved via style changes. As @lanettetest pointed out, the custom perspective icons are not treated the same as the stock OF perspective icons. I’m using these custom icons:

Even if you choose an icon color that is similar to the teal color of the stock perspective icons that OF provides, the custom perspectives appear lighter.

Interestingly though, if you paste your custom icons in to the OF application’s resource folder (Applications > OmniFocus > Contents > Resources > PerspectiveImages) so that they appear in the icon chooser dropdown menu, they maintain the same color treatment as the stock icons. This workaround is is fine for me!

EDIT: Only downside to this workaround is that the custom icons do not sync over to the iOS app now… darn…

Is there a way to check the default “OmniFocus Dark” style to see what is different about the perspective icon color settings? Because the icons all appear similarly colored when using this style.

The inconsistency is mostly caused by the icons for inactive built-in perspectives being tinted based on the Content Background rather than the sidebar background.

I created a similar theme with a dark sidebar and light content area, and it exhibits much the same kind of problem:

Hah! I was going to report the same findings… Maybe the best option is to make the sidebar a lighter color that is a middle-ground shade so that all icons are similarly colored, but that would ruin the look of @ZeFish 's great original design.

Even changing the colors of the built-in perspectives from inside OmniFocus’ resources doesn’t work. I changed the Inbox icon to white, but it seems that OmniFocus applies a mask to the pngs.

Well, it’s the first version of OmniFocus 2 Style, I found a bunch of other issue that I hope OmniGroup will fixe in the next version. Already 2.5.1 fixes some. I don’t know where to put those but here’s a little list of what I’ve found so far. I’ve already emailed the dev. about those.

  • Strong Color Text - should be broken into multiple color tag (Please separate de “No Context” in the left sidebar, the Context Header and the editing content)
  • Sidebar status border - doesn’t yet update to the specified color
  • Editing Text Color - should have is own color tag
  • Icon color of the sidebar status - Can’t change them (to my best knowledge)
  • Perspective Icon color - Possibility to specify in style as we are talking about it right now.
  • Inspector - Having more control would be nice
  • Dark Style Main window - Would be nice to have other option than “Normal” and “Black”. You can guess that making a dark theme for me, nothing would be perfect black :P

In the meantime Iris does the work for me. I end up using the included icons and for the moment it resolve the issue.

Yea I guess I will be using the included icons for now. Really appreciate the testing and reporting back guys!

Sure! You can export the OmniFocus Dark color palette and look at the settings. That won’t change the limitations to using perspective icons in a custom Color Palette though. For our default provided styles, we have the ability to add icons if we need to and do a few things programmatically which may not be possible otherwise. What can be changed externally is a subset of what you could change in general if you had access to all of OmniFocus code.

While we have tried to provide a solid start to support custom styles, not every part of OmniFocus is something that can be changed externally. The best resources currently available for understanding what can be customized in terms of Color Palette is still using with and for the Font Collection keys, the annotated style at

As far as the custom perspective icons being unchanged by the Color Palette, that is a known limit at the moment. It would take some changes in OmniFocus to add the ability to apply a color palette to them. I realize it is disappointing to have an idea and not be able to change everything to match that idea. I hope that it helps to at least know what is possible to change. I’m enjoying seeing the creative work of the talented OmniFocus community in how far you’ve all taken the custom styles.

If you need a capability that isn’t currently supported, please share your need by shooting an email to our support humans at with a detailed request of what you are trying to accomplish.


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Awesome! I think with the first implementation of styles, this is still a lot of fun. I’ll have to stop meddling for now though as it has also been a productivity killer hah.

Thanks, I appreciate the detailed information :)


Fantastic theme. It´s my goto theme now. Well done.
I’m trying to make some minor adjustments and have one question;

Project view: In the main view, the project names are grey.
Context view: In the main view, the context names are black.

Is it possible to change the Context font color to grey? I can´t find it.

Best regards Johan

I’m gonna look into it! I haven’t done any work on the theme since last update but will open the project again. I will have some time next week.