Themes/Styles in OF4?

Some years ago I loaded a Theme into OF 3 which I really like.
I have no idea where I got it from and do not have access to the original file.
Is there some way to retrieve this Theme from OF 3 and use it in OF 4?

Thank you.

Custom themes was last available in OmniFocus 2 and is not an option in OmniFocus 3 or OmniFocus 4. If you’d like to see this feature return, it would be best to send a feature request via email to to add your vote.

Many many have asked in the past. Many have been ignored. Perhaps they don’t know how to create a plist file that can have variables written to it by the user?

Could you provide a link where to learn more about plist files?

Well, here is the OSX info:

plist – property list format


Property lists organize data into named values and lists of values using
several Core Foundation types: CFString, CFNumber, CFBoolean, CFDate,
CFData, CFArray, and CFDictionary. These types give you the means to pro-
duce data that is meaningfully structured, transportable, storable, and
accessible, but still as efficient as possible. The property list pro-
gramming interface allows you to convert hierarchically structured combi-
nations of these basic types to and from two formats: standard XML and an
optimized, opaque binary format. This document describes the standard XML
format. The data can be saved to disk and later used to reconstruct the
original Core Foundation objects. Note that property lists should be used
for data that consists primarily of strings and numbers because they are
very inefficient when used with large blocks of binary data.

To read more, open up the terminal app and type

man plist

The man command is pretty cool - it will give you the manual for anything in OSX.


man man

to see what it can do

Here are the plist files you can futz with to fix the styling issues, least in OF3

/Applications/ Font/OFIFontRegistry.plist

/Applications/ Font/OFIFontRegistry.plist




Use the awesome BBEdit app to edit these