There was a problem while loading ' [ filename ]'

Anyone experience this error while opening a doc.

There was a problem while loading ’ [ filename ]’ Error while reading canvas 0/1: elementAtIndex:associatedPoints:: index (-1) beyond bounds (0)

I just upgraded to OmniGraffle 7 and the file I opened was originally created in 6… Strangely it does not happen with all old files just a few,.

Unfortunately, this is a known issue. Please send us the file if possible. If not possible, please grab our latest test build at and see if you can open a copy of that document using it. If you still can’t open it without the error, please let us know.

If your file has sensitive content, when you choose Contact Omni, you can pick to Anonymize the file, which will replace all of the text with the letter x. It will help us test that every case is fixed if you are able to send us your file. Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks for the reply… I just tried to uni-install re-install and still have same problem. Moreover the error does not always pop-up when opening, but instead pops-up when I choose to duplicate, which effects my version control.

What is the best way to send the file?