This copy hasn't´ license, I need help


I´ve bought Omnifocus to iOS and Mac. But ago time, I was accepted to try version Mac (Beta). License betatester has 21 days of available, but now I´ve 0 days and I need a solution to continue with beta tester or to install my version (last available without beta). But like Omnifocus change to lasts versions format of database, I don´t want update to official version.

How can I continue with valid license with version beta?
When I open Omnifocus Mac, it say that this copy hasn’t license.

I need usar omnifocus :( I need a solution, to Support I opened a email ago 5 days and I haven´t answer. I´ve sent other two emails more, but I´haven’t help of Omnigroup¿?¿?¿?¿?

Hi @j3suss! I’m very sorry that we haven’t responded to your emails. Did you get a confirmation message when you emailed in? It would have a reference number (like OG #1234567) in the subject.

We can also help right away if you give us a call. The phone numbers are at the top of the Support page.

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It´s ok, then, I´ve that revet my license because now there isn´t Omnifocus Mac beta, but this it´s strange because, If I´m beta tester, it´s logical that I can to access to version beta, each xx days I install new version beta, but now it don´t found, but, I´ll return to license normal, this it´s better.

Thanks, a greetings.

Ah, I understand. OmniFocus does have periods where we’re not publishing new beta builds, but it sounds like you’ve figured it all out. Thanks for posting your solution!