TickTick vs OmniFocus

The disappointment with OF3 made me start looking for alternatives. And I ran into a pleasant surprise: TickTick (https://ticktick.com)

So far, I would say it has all that I was expecting from new iterations of OF: tags, serious calendar, pomodoro, smart lists (aka contexts).

Any thoughts?

smart parsing of dates, multi platform…

I played around with it last year and I found it a very solid platform. They are really quick to introduce new features. Their calendar and their integrated pomodoro timer are nice, too.

However, for multiple reasons, it’s not for me: no sequential tasks, limited hierarchies, no start dates, no review, etc.

But more worrisome, there is some fishy stuff in their privacy policy and their Chinese background.

Interesting, but is that very different from every other company?

Read the policy carefully. Then compare it to Omni’s. I’d say there’s a big difference when it comes to encryption and privacy.

Well, among other things, OmniFocus doesn’t connect to anything if you don’t tell it to. Secondly, if you need to sync, you can set up encrypted sync to your own WebDAV server - in which case Omni doesn’t get see any of your data because it doesn’t go anywhere near them.

As @sprclldr says, it’s quite educational to compare the two.