Time-based perspectives on Apple Watch

I have a few perspectives that are time based: One with morning routines and one with afternoon routines for example. And one “master perspective” with my most important tasks for the day.

As I have configured my Apple Watch, I have the OmniFocus widget use the today perspective. But that means that I have to find my phone in the morning, to check the morning perspective.

What about an option to have time-based perspectives on the watch? Set the default, for me my master perspective, and define that between 7-8am the watch shold instead show the morning perspective, 15-16pm the afternoon one etc.


This is a good idea. It would be nice to see time-based perspectives for the Apple Watch and upcoming home screen widget. Kind of like how WatchSmith and WidgetSmith have time based face changes.

This would work fantastically for Work and Home perspectives too.

It would better to have a functioning Siri Watch face with Omnifocus Cards appearing exactly in the chronological order they come. I have screamed for this for years, other apps can manage it.

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