Time Blocking ala SkedPal

I’ve come across SkedPal as I’ve been looking for apps the deliver effective time-blocking.

I don’t think it holds a candle to OmniFocus in terms of task management.

However, it does have the calendar element.

What might be the chances of OmniGroup leveraging the basic ‘duration’ field and actually building that out into a time blocking system within OmniFocus?

I feel that OmniFocus has been basically the same forever. I hope they start to think about how they can expand and innovate on its solid core.

Drag a task with a duration set into fantastical (and I think Apple cal) and it respects the set duration.

It’s pretty easy this way to time block your day


I agree. SkedPal features look very interesting. Would be good to see some of those into OmniFocus. Or, perhaps some form of integration.

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