Time-minutes can't be changed to 5-minute intervals

In most iOS apps that use the spinning picker for hours and minutes in date fields, a double tab on the minutes spinner changes the interval from 1 minute to 5 minutes. This makes it easier to scroll to the desired time, e.g. for setting due date/time.

For example:

However this isn’t possible in OF3 on iOS. The spinner is locked in 1-minute intervals.

Is this just an oversight?

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Didn’t know about the double tap. Good tip!


Just a follow-up on this. The double tap works in Fantastical, but not in iOS’ default alarms/timer app. Maybe it’s just a Flexibits interaction design?

It also works in the standard Apple Calendar app.

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Certainly seems so, I feel that if anything it should be locked the other way (though having a switchable option is definitely preferable). I rarely find I need that precision when assigning due dates.

Would also prefer five minute intervals. Switching between one and five minute intervals on a whim would be even better.

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This works in the latest version (5 minute intervals not the tap)

There is also a URL-based preference to customize this:


Add the number of minutes after the = (such as 1, 5, or 15), and the wheels of time will change accordingly (will reset to app default if no number is added).


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Thanks for that @heyscottyj. Very helpful.