Time problem when using clip from mail

When using “Services: Send to Omnifocus…” after the creation of the Action I’ve noticed that the time is 00:00 instead of my default 09:30. Any solutions on this?

To clarify, are you specifying a defer date when creating the action via the OmniFocus service? When I create an action via the OmniFocus service and specify a defer date without specifying a defer time, the “Default time for defer dates” Preference setting is being applied as expected.

The sequence and the case I’m referring to is: Right click on Mail/Services/Omnifocus: send to Inbox.
In this case I’ve noticed that the time is 00:00 instead of the default I’ve set 09:30.

I’m still not clear where you’re seeing 00:00 instead of 09:30. The defer and due date fields are normally blank when you choose the Send to Inbox service. If you could post a screenshot of what you’re seeing that would help.