Time Zone independent dates

Is there any way to add defer/due dates which don’t shift around when moving between different time zones?

I use OmniFocus to keep track of tasks I want to complete by the end of the day. Moving between different countries messes this up since the defer/due dates keep shifting by a few hours, rather than staying fixed at 06:00 and 23:00, for example.

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This would be very useful.

Send an e-mail to Omnigroup Support Humans at omnifocus@omnigroup.com for any feature requests or bug reports. They will record your e-mail into their internal database to help prioritize future OmniFocus development.

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I would find that useful too especially when crossing the date line.

I travel quite a bit between Pacific Time and Eastern Time and set “Default time for defer dates” to 3am. This way, actions that I create while on Pacific Time have a start time of 6am Eastern Time and actions that I create while on Eastern time have a start time of midnight Pacific Time. This keeps the actions on the correct calendar day as I travel east and west.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good solution for Due times. Though, it does make sense that these would adjust automatically as I move between time zones. If I promise someone on the West Coast something by Friday at 5pm I want it to show as due at 8pm when I’m in Eastern Time. Conversely, if I promise someone in Eastern Time that I’ll deliver something by 5pm their time, I want to make sure that it shows up as due at 2pm when I’m on Pacific Time.

I hope this helps!

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I can see the need for both fixed times that stay with the time zone in which they were created and times that stay local to the user (i.e. End of day and start of day activities ).

I regularly work on cruise ships crossing The Atlantic and it is really frustrating to find that reminders are sometimes 5hrs adrift.

PS I user the IOS version of OmniFocus not the Mac version


I do many things at fixed hours in the day, and yesterday I came back from a trip with time zone shift and it was frustrating all the reminder were automatically changed in OF3

I travel trans-Atlantic and this causes me some issues as well. Just bumping this thread.

I think floating time zones were on the radar for this year. I think I read that in the blog.