Timeline tool for OmniPlan?

I like OmniPlan a lot, but there is one feature that’s missing–the ability to print presentation-quality timelines. I understand that OP is focused on project management, not presentation, so I am looking for a good OS X timeline tool to use with OP. I’d like to be able to export the timeline data from my OmniPlan file, then import it into an OS X timeline creation app.

Can anyone recommend an OS X timeline creation tool that plays well with OmniPlan? Thanks.

I actually wrote this a couple of days ago, and since then I’ve come across Aeon Timeline, which does a pretty good job. I can export from OmniPlan as CSV, delete columns I don’t need from the CSV file, change column headers to match what Aeon Timeline expects, and import the CSV into Aeon Timeline. It creates a nice presentation timeline.

BTW, I have no affiliation with the folks who make Aeon Timeline. I’m just a guy who bought their app.

Maybe it will be in the new OmniPlan 3?

Perhaps it would be a good time to get into the OmniPlan 3 beta and put it in a feature request while it is still baking in the oven.

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Hi @LagunaHiker,

If there are specific things you’d like to be able to print that you can’t currently do, you can email us at omniplan@omnigroup.com with details and we’ll be happy to log a feature request for you! Or help you navigate the current printing options of course.

I can’t seem to find anything about the OP’s ask in Omniplan 3. Really looking for a way to customize or at least add in a jpg or anything to make my timelines look branded and correct. A header and footer is key. I would be ok with editing it in word, taking a screenshot, then adding it above my Omniplan timeline.

The Report templates are html and css, designed for you to customize with your own logo, fonts, etc.

Who knows what tool made this timeline? It is possible in OP?

That timeline was created in Timeline 3D.