Tip: Show OmniFocus due dates in Calendar using Shortcuts

Having searched this forum numerous times and come up short for anything useful, I figured out a slightly hacky solution for showing my OmniFocus due dates (on non-repeating items) in my Calendar. Why it has taken me this long to figure out is second only to the question in my mind as to why this isn’t easier to achieve in 2023. I’d love to see better calendar integration again from OmniFocus, since the old calendar sync option went away.

Anyway suffice to say that for me, it’s a game-changer to see my due dates in line in my calendar, to help me plan my work accordingly. It uses Shortcuts and results in all-day events showing the task name, with a link to the OF task or project in the notes field of the event. It uses a dedicated calendar that you’ll need to set up first (you can call it what you like, but OmniFocus or OmniFocus Due would seem logical).

Below are the Shortcuts screenshots to show the breakdown. Unfortunately the only way it can run at the moment is to first delete all the existing entries in your OmniFocus calendar, as it can’t smartly update due dates you might have changed in OmniFocus; you’d end up with duplicates everywhere. I’ve set it up to enter due dates up to 6 months out, but you could adjust this. You could also include your repeating due dates (e.g. take out the trash due every Thursday) if you wanted to see that in your calendar, by removing the If stage under ‘Repeat with each’.

You could potentially go more granular and set up a bespoke shortcut for different areas of focus (home, work etc.) with corresponding OmniFocus Due calendars, but it’s important you don’t use existing calendars because of the delete-all-events step. Although of course you could get around this by including some unique text in the notes field of the events you create using this Shortcut (e.g. #OmniFocus); then you could modify the ‘Find all calendar events’ action to find events that have this unique text in the notes field. This might be something I try. In this meantime, I hope this gets anyone else started who wants to try this.


Thanks for this. The lack of calendar integration is an going blind spot I just can’t fathom.

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Thanks for the nudge; I’ve been meaning to set something like this up for ages and now I finally have!

I did add in some Omni Automation to send work/personal tasks to separate calendars and also to only include tasks with a specific due date (ie not an inherited/effective due date) - let me know if that would be helpful to anyone to share too! 😅

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Nice one Kaitlin, I’m sure you’ve worked lots of extra magic into it. I also realised the ‘delete’ step could be more sophisticated to only remove due dates that have changed by using (and then updating) some kind of variable stored in a dictionary which lives in the Calendar notes field, meaning it can be filtered…possibly! 😅

Hi Katilin

If you have a moment to post whatever automation clears out inherited due dates that would be super useful!! Currently I can see all the child tasks of my major project deadlines also in the calendar, which isn’t so helpful…


Hello Kaitlin,

I’d love to get a copy of the automation to split work and personal tasks. Thanks! Love the reorder tags automation on your plugins website by the way. Very handy.


Sorry @BenTrigg and @deepcaves, this is on my list of things to do! Will come back here to share once I get organised. :-)

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Don’t worry on my account any more Kaitlin; I think I asked you about creating an automation but I’m using other workflows now anyway!