Titles not visible in OmniFocus 4 on MacOS Ventura

In Omnifocus 4, when viewing the inspector, the title is not visible at all unless it is selected. This is not the case in OmniFocus 3.

It doesn’t change if I set Color palette in Appearance Settings to Automatic, Light or Dark.

This is on a Mac Studio with MacOs Ventura 13.6.

On two other Macs here that are on Sonoma the title appears as it should.

Is there any way to fix this other than installing Sonoma? I have a good reason for staying with Ventura at this time.


Hmm, that’s strange! I just tested on a Mac Studio running macOS Ventura 13.6.1, and I’m not seeing this issue. I’ve tried Dark Mode and Light Mode, and… — oh, wait, I’m able to reproduce it now! It happens when I turn on the “Increase Contrast” option in System Settings > Accessibility > Display. (That seems like the opposite of what I would expect to happen there!) If I turn off that option, the title text displays fine.

It looks like this is an accessibility bug that has been fixed in macOS Sonoma, because I’m not seeing the behavior there no matter how my preferences are set. (And we’re using a system color there!)

Yes, that’s it! I do have “Increase Contrast” turned on and I much prefer it that way.

I’m keeping “Increase Contrast” on and will just forget about the title field for now since it’s just as easy to edit in the outline.

Thank you for your reply.

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