Today center notification misinterpreting AM - PM

I have the strangest of bug with my omnifocus 2 notifications:
In OF2 main window, the my tasks are displayed as due in the afternoon (see first pic) but in mac’s “today” notifications pane, these same tasks are displayed as overdue for this morning (second pic). It looks like OF2 is missing the “PM” in my task specification.

Has anyone any idea of what is wrong ?

That certainly is unusual! Since OmniFocus 2.1 we’ve had reports of the Today widget getting stuck and showing outdated info/tasks. It’s possible this is something related to that same issue. If you would please try the following steps:

  1. Launch Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor.
  • Switch to the CPU tab.
  • Search for OmniFocus; there should be two entries.
  • One has an OmniFocus icon, and the other has a generic plug-in icon (you may need to trigger Today in the sidebar, to get the second icon to show). Select the one with the plug-in icon.
  • Select the menu View > Quit Process…, and click Force Quit.ess…, and click Force Quit. click Force Quit.

Does this refresh the Today widget, and get it to show the right times now?