ToDay Perspective empty on iPhone

Latest versions of OF 2 for Mac and iOS (9.3.1)…

Synching using Omni Sync Server - working as it should…

My Today Perspective works on Mac/Desktop; configured thus:

But it’s empty on my iPhone. Forgive me for asking - new to OF 2 - do I have to do something to synch my custom Perspectives between Mac OS X and iOS, please?


Have just seen this thread; confirming that the Today Perspective does not have the same project selected for ‘focus’ and for ‘sidebar selection’… nothing is selected in either place.

Hi MarkSealey,

By empty, do you mean that it is showing up, but no content is in the perspective? Or do you mean that the perspective itself isn’t showing up?

If it is the second case, where the perspective isn’t there, try this:

  1. From the home screen on iPhone, pulldown to see the Secret bar, and tap settings.
  2. Is the Second item down Upgrade to Pro? If so, you may need to restore Pro on the Mac and sync again to get the preference. New versions install as Standard, then you have to restore the Pro purchase which can be tricky to remember each time.
  3. If you just restored Pro, sync, then view All perspectives on the iPhone home screen, then “Today” will be available.

If you have the perspective, but it is empty, that sounds wrong and I can’t reproduce that exact issue here with your settings. You might want to go to Projects and Inbox, make sure your content is really synced the same from iPhone to Mac, and also double check that your perspective settings are the same. If those match, then you might want to contact our support humans for some specific help to get things working as expected. +1 206-523-4152 or 800-315-OMNI (10a-5p PDT M-F) or email

I hope this gives you some ideas! I hope either way you will soon be back up and running as expected with the same items and views in both places.

Good luck!


Thanks so much, Lanette!

A colleague at Omni helped by email; it was odd.

In the end I deleted empty Perspectives on both devices, synched, recreated and restarted.

Has been working perfectly ever since. I love OF :-)

Great! Usually sync is pretty darn reliable, so I’m glad they got you unstuck. It’s nice to hear that OF is working out for you. :)


Yes - I’ve found synching to be totally reliable.

In this case so much so that purging one device of the - presumably corrupt? - Perspective and synching purged the other(s) and allowed me to rebuild it and… never look back :-)