Today URL Scheme Issue

I’m trying to get the URL Scheme to “Today” working, and according to the Inside OmniFocus Post on the URL schemes, it’s omnifocus:///today. However, when I try this on my Mac, OmniFocus gives me the error:

Invalid URL

URL did not contain enough path components to be valid: 1

The article does mention:

A note on the omnifocus:///today link: if the Today setting has been changed in OmniFocus Settings, you’ll head there!

But I’m not sure what this means; I did a scan through my settings and didn’t find anything that seemed related. No other URL scheme seems to give me any issue on my Mac. For what it’s worth, executing this URL on my iPhone (running the OF4 beta) does correctly open the Today tag.

Second time this week I’ve missed something stupid like that, thanks.

OmniFocus 4 might have this option available for Mac coming soon. No public beta or TestFlights available yet but we hope to see this soon.

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