Toggle Availability via Shortcut or Script?

Is there a way to toggle Availability via Shortcut or Script?

Available -> Remaining -> All

Especially in own perspectives it is cumbersome to set this in view options.


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There was someone from Omni here in 2015 saying that a feature request for this will be created.

Now 4 years later no news? I mean this should be about 30-60 minutes maximum to implement - I am a developer myself.

So please OmniGroup, do something about this!

For a couple years now, I’ve used AppleScripts in OmniFocus 2 to switch between the different task availability filter states by hotkeys, and it is incredibly useful. Keyboard Maestro tells me, I have invoked those AppleScripts a little over 1800 times so far. 🙂

Unfortunately, there is a bug in OmniFocus 3 that causes those script commands to only work with the built-in perspectives and not with custom perspectives, where they are needed most (see here, for more details). I’ve filed a bug report about it 6 weeks ago, but haven’t heard back yet.

I’m actually still using OmniFocus 2 (even though I bought OF3 soon after it was released), and not being able to quickly switch between the different task state filters is one of the main reasons for this decision.

I was happy with being able to toggle the availability filter via AppleScript, but now that I think about it, it would make so much more sense to have this basic functionality available via menu items / shortcuts, so that every user had access to it, and not just the 10% or so of users that extend OmniFocus via AppleScript.

Now for the most important part:
If you agree that being able to toggle the task availability filter by shortcut would be really useful, you need to send a short feature request to Posting your support for this feature request here on the forum, in contrast to popular belief, does not help. Only if this feature receives enough votes via email will it get implemented.

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