Total Project cost disappeared in 3.0?

Pre 3.0 there was always a nice real-time overall project cost in the project footer.

In 3.0 this seems to have disappeared, it was a great piece of functionality and to emulate it we have to put everything under a master task that only exists to roll-up the budget in real-time during quick planning.

  1. Did it really disappear?
    1a) If yes: Can it come back?
    1b) If no: How do I turn it back on?


Hey Omni Plan support, let me make it easier, multiple choice! :)

A) We took this out and are never putting it back
B) You are using it wrong, do [fill in blank] this instead.
C) We took this out, oops! You will see it again in the future

Thanks. Your team loves to answer questions telling people why they are wrong (pricing, stability, features etc) so don’t let this be an exception!

For the record, we love omniplan, agree that its priced properly for value and think its fairly stable so this is a great chance to tell me I am wrong for wanting this feature back or dumb for not understand how it works, don’t miss out!.

This feature we depend on for large complex projects. Getting a roll-up cost in the main UI without having to export HTML was a real winner.

Have you emailed Omni support? You’re more likely to get a full answer in a short time there. My experience is response same day