Total project effort

Is there any easy way to get to the total number of person-hours for the project? I recall that in earlier versions you could view total effort by clicking an icon in the bottom left corner but I can’t seem to find an equivalent.

@pixie You’re correct - in previous versions of OmniPlan this information was available in the status bar at the bottom of the OmniPlan window. However, we removed the footer status bar when we released OmniPlan 3 in order to improve performance, and the information that was displayed in the status isn’t directly available in OmniPlan 3 at this point in time. I’m really sorry for the inconvenience this causes!

While we don’t currently have any concrete plans to reintroduce the status bar, we do have an open feature request on file for making that information more readily accessible, and I’ve added your comments there so that the rest of the team is aware you found this functionality useful.

In the interim, there are a couple ways to see project data.

  • If you’re using OmniPlan 3 Pro, you could add the project to a Dashboard—the project totals will be visible in that view.

  • Without Pro, you could work around this by creating one top-level task group that houses the entire project, with all your current tasks and groups indented within it. In doing so, you could select the top-level group and then use the Task Inspector to then view the totals.

Hope this helps!

Thanks very much. I do have Pro, but from what I can see the stats only include project duration, not effort. And again the overview task workaround only gives duration, not effort.

What I’m after is a way to give my client the total effort in hours so that they can calculate an approximate run rate for their resource cost and impact on their business as usual. I’m having to track the changes on a spreadsheet which isn’t great.

Thanks for adding by comments to the feature request.

@pixie Sorry about that - you’re correct, total effort is not visible in the Dashboard. Sorry I missed that!

That said, an overview task should allow you to total the project’s effort. This information should be visible in both the Effort column and in the Task Inspector. Alternatively, if you’d like share information with your client about total effort per resource the “Total Hours” column in Resource View may be helpful.

Hello where can I see total project cost ? In standard version …

@Tazio The information in this thread should answer your question!

Hi @ains. I have Pro, but I’d still like to see the top level total in the project task view without having to go into my report every time. I appreciate your suggestion to add a top level item, although the indented numbering after that would be unnecessarily complex. I notice in the Pro Task Report, it shows a top level task 0) which displays the total project cost. It would be nice to see this same functionality in the Project task view. In other words, it would be much nicer to see an automated task 0 reported at the top, without having to make everything else a subtask of an added task 1.

Thanks for the feedback @jana, I’ve filed it in our development database!

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Is this still true as of OmniPlan 4? I have 4.6, and don’t see a way to do this either.