Totally baffled by Templates on iOS

As part of an overall wider confusion about document management on OO iOS, I cannot get my head around what is going on with template management. I have an outline open from a folder on OmniPresence, I select ‘create template from outline’. Under the folder heading, there are choices for ‘Outlines, Plugins, Templates’. Sometimes it then creates a template in the same folder, sometimes not. I select ‘Templates’, which is where I would expect Templates to be, and instead there is nothing, only a dialog that says ‘Tap here, or on the + in the toolbar, to add a custom template’. What is that? I tap there, and another window appears with ‘Choose a Template’. Where did they come from? How do I edit them? I really don’t get it at all. (I expect the explanation may contain the word ‘sandboxing’). Please clarify!! Thank you.

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There’s a bug right now when creating a template from a file that is in a subfolder. The template is actually created at the root directory and not the subfolder the original file is in. That sounds like what’s happening here.

When you create a template from scratch, which is what you’re doing here, you’re offered to base it off an existing template. If you want to start from the standard default, pick the Blank template.

Hope that helps!