Totally Confused on Setup Apple Server App

I’m now beyond confused. I have been syncing my OnmiFocus system successfully between my iOS and Mac devices using the Apple Server app and all the documents are located in the DAV folder in my user account. Now I’mm trying to get syncing set up wfor OmnoOutliner. I downloaded the OmniPresence app but when I tried to put the outlines into the DAV folder and set that up as the sync location I am told that’s not possible.

The system set things up in an OmniPresence folder under my username. My OmniOutline documents are there

Why can’t I put everything in one place? The help stuff for WebDAV only talks about not using the so isn’t applicable.

I would really like a simple set of directions for setting up private syncing on my own machine with Apple’s standard Server APP

Most of the stuff is pushing me to the OmniSyncServer and I cannot use that for security reasons.
Like here when you search for sync with OmniPresence this is what you get.

And this
SInce the apple server app is a standard and normal thing I would think it would be easy to set up instruction ssimilar to how you avhave them for the non-standard webDAV apps.

Where is the documentation to allow me to put all myOO stuff in my own DAV folder simply?