Track pad zooming is weird

Using the trackpad to zoom is for me the most convenient way of zooming. It seems to work pretty well with OG7.5 except when I have one more more shapes selected. If a shape is selected and I use the trackpad to zoom, as soon as the selected shape is starting to move out of the field of vision (i.e., one of its sides touches top, bottom, left or right app screen boundary), it jumps to the top left position. Extremely jarring and annoying. Has anyone else seen this? I can of course de-select the shape but most often I am in the middle of moving stuff around while zooming so having to first de-select is not what I want either. Hopefully this is not intended behavior and a fix is on the way?

I looked into the history, and it appears that keeping the selection centered while zooming was a much requested feature, which we added in OmniGraffle 6. Using the zoom tool is a possible workaround.

Please send us an email with your feedback from Contact Omni under the help menu. It would be nice to be able to turn this feature off for those who prefer the zooming to ignore the selection.

As I pointed out, it is NOT keeping the selection centered it is sticking it into the left upper corner making for a very jerky zoom.

Feedback on this and other issue already send to omni, so far only crickets…

Yes! I see what you mean now. Thank you for explaining further.

There is a bug that has been introduced since OmniGraffle 6. While the behavior to keep a selection in the view is intended, it should not be snapping to the upper left corner. I can reproduce that issue here and will make sure it is reported. Thank you for elaborating on the problem so that it can be resolved.