Track time spent on tasks and tag tasks

Has anyone come up with a timer that allows one to track time spent on tasks and tag the tasks for later reporting in an effortless, integrated way (a.k.a., SlimTimer in OmniFocus 2 Pro)

I have spent a lot of time looking for a solution and the closest I have come is Vitamin-R or perhaps toggl.

Maybe I should have just written up a SlimTimer integration since the SLIMTIMER Public API is REST-based and fluent in XML, YAML and JSON

Thoughts|suggestions appreciated.

It doesn’t completely integrate with OmniFocus but i use OfficeTime on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It syncs between all devices.

On the Mac, if it senses that I haven’t touched the keyboard or mouse, OfficeTime will ask me if i want to just erase the last XXX minutes or credit the elapsed time to another project.

The Mac version has a menubar timer to help start, pause, and resume the timer. In the notes, I just type in what I was working on. Then I check off the task in OmniFocus.

You can export the time log out for use in your office report.

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This app is great at automatically tracking usage by app, document, file or directory being accessed.