Tracking Fees earned

Hello all First post here. Here’s my issue. We are an architectural firm and we use Omni plan to produce project schedules. We track progress of any project with the same categories from Pre design through to Working drawings and construction. (there are 6 distinct phases of work) My fees are based on completion of each phase of work. (example I earn 12.5% of my fee upon completion of schematic design.) What I am trying to do is to set up a cashflow scenario for my clients so that they can see what value of fees are due and when. If we stay on schedule they can expect an invoice as per the GANTT chart. Most phases of work take between 6-12 weeks to complete. I want to be able to inform both the client and our internal accounting department what invoices they should be sending based on monthly progress. How do I do this? It seems to me that if I can assign a value to be earned at each phase of work. (group) and I complete the progress of each sub task Omni plan can tell me what my earned fees are to date? Any ideas?

@bob63el Hmm, I’m not sure if OmniPlan is capable of providing the exact cost value you’re looking for as progress completes, but I think you should be able to set up something close. Is each phase of work set up as a group in your OmniPlan project? If so, you could set up a “Phase completion” milestone at the end of each group and assign your fee as a cost to the milestone. You could then use the milestones to report final phase cost, and refer to the group’s completion percentage to report progress towards that milestone.