Training Videos or Tutorials

I have the latest version of Omniplan on my Mac. It’s been quite a while since I used the software and would really like to go through a set of training videos or lessons. Does anyone know where I might find this type of how-to course?

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Nobody has an answer? I was really hoping there were some kind of tutorials or training videos available. How did you all learn the software? Trial and error?

These are user-driven forums, I don’t think Omni actively participates.

There don’t have training videos, just product features (selling).

Omni does have a “videos” link on their website, but not much there for OP4

Thanks for the reply. Really kinda disapointing there isn’t some sort of introduction and basic “get started” set of tutorials. I did manage to find an old OmniPlan2 training course on LinkedIn, which got me started, but the interface and features are quite different compared to the current version of the software. I’m slowly figuring it out, but the Omnigroup would do us newbies a great service by providing some get-started help…