Transfer license for OmniFocus?

Is it possible to transfer a license for OmniFocus? I’ve bought a ‘Pro’ version of OmniFocus 1 (which is eligible for an OmniFocus 2 upgrade, as I bought it during the time period) in January of 2014.

However, I prefer to get my Mac apps on the Mac App Store, so I was wondering whether it would be possible to either refund it, or transfer it (to give it to a family member or a friend), so that I can purchase the app on the Mac App Store.


This sort of question is better emailed to so we can look up your license and provide information that is accurate for your exact situation.

Alright sure.

I was asking for a friend, so I’ll forward this information on with him. My own license in ineligible unfortunately as it was bought on MAS, and that was years ago.