Transition from Things 3 to Omnifocus 4?

Thanks, just for the last implementation I had to build some workarounds.

Sorry for missing the logger action. It was 23:30 at my time and I got tired already. Wanted to send you something. Just removed the logger entries and just use them where required. Then there are much fewer to miss.

Regarding empty rows in notes. I think this is due to the TaskPaper import of OF4. My first impression is: A workaround should be possible.

I‘m a GTD purist as well. But a projects delegated list (tagged projects) could come in handy. Therefore, the Things 3 to OF4 Shortcut supports tags on projects as well. With a workaround, so that they just get set to the project, but not to the actions of the project.

Just noticed some thing. When I was on Things 3 I had too many projects (who hasn‘t?). Therefore, I set some of the project‘s when date to someday (is it someday in English? it would be the most bottom date selection in when date selector).
Do you use when set to someday for projects? This could be mapped to projects with state on hold.

When the Apple Shortcut is mature, I‘ll probably post it in the forums as a separate post as well that it can be found more easily.

BTW: Where do you live again? Paradise? Sounds like it. Just when I was hiking in the black forest I saw two crows, yesterday. But that‘s probably not the same as snorkelling with Dolphins.

Regarding dates/times. OF has default times you can set for defer/due (see settings Dates & Times). Things 3 just has a date for when/deadline, but no time. If I remember correctly you can make OF notify you at that time.

Let me add that in the Apple Shortcuts import options.

Yes, like, I suspect, many users, I keep a T3 ‘Area’ of template projects, all set to ‘Someday’. I simply duplicate as needed. I’ve already done exactly as you suggest - created a corresponding OF4 folder, and filled it with the same template projects, set to ‘On hold’. Mapping T3 ‘Someday’ to OF4 ‘On hold’ in your shortcut would be perfect.

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@albyrne It was a busy week. I plan working on Someday projects.

For this I need your help. Things 3 items (projects and tasks) set to When date „Someday“. On my device its value is „Irgendwann“ independent of whether my Things 3 is set to German or English.

Please, take this simple Apple Shortcut Shortcuts . Start Things 3, create a task and set its When date to „Someday“ and select it. Then run the shortcut and tell me what string it outputs. Please do the same with a project.

The string that tells me it’s set to someday is language dependent. But I‘m unable to get the value of an English device.

Good morning, thank you again for your ongoing efforts…

Output string >English< (to-do):


Output string >English< (project):


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Looking into the future. Shouldn‘t we set all migrated ‚Someday‘ single actions to a certain ‚someday‘ Tag? I could ask for its actual name in the users environment during Apple Shortcut import.

Good morning again. Please accept my apologies for delayed response. I have been offline, and away from technology for several days.

I agree that your idea to set incoming migrated T3 ‘Someday’ actions to a specific (user-defined) OF4 tag makes sense, ensuring an easy criteria to locate the actions. But I note that some users (me included) may wish to not permanently introduce an extra OF4 tag for this purpose. As I have mentioned previously, I aim to keep my use of tags strictly to GTD ‘contexts’.

In my usage case (see screenshot) I would simply move incoming migrated T3 ‘Someday’ actions from the OF4 inbox to the relevant OF4 ‘Someday’ project.

Found a good approach. The identifier for Someday projects is language dependent. But the Apple Shortcut can create such a project, get the identifier and delete the created project again. Unfortunately, deletion requires a user confirmation. Would this be OK?

BTW: Fixed the missing empty lines in notes and started on Someday projects. There’s a bug I need to fix. Then you’ll get the update.

Yes, I’m very confident that prudent user will be quite happy with a user confirmation, as part of the process of transitioning T3 ‘Someday’ projects to OF4 ‘On hold’.

I’m cautious, so unlikely to attempt to simultaneously transition many T3 ‘Someday’ projects to OF4 ‘On hold’, but would such a process require multiple confirmations?


It is not possible to know all the identifiers (like „Someday“, „Irgendwann“, …) Things 3 uses internally to identify Someday projects. By creating a single project with Someday I can read from it and determine the language dependent identifiert. So you would have to do this once per Shortcut execution.

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