Transparent Background of PNGs are Printing

I am trying to print a project that uses .pngs with a transparent background. Things look great on my screen, and the project looks perfect when I look at it with Preview.

A problem, however, shows up when I send my file to the printer. There is a “shadow” around every object that has a transparent background.

The problem seems to something I have inadvertently changed as I have been creating these projects for about a year, and it is only in the last month or so I have had this happen to me.

I have no control over the printer as I take my files to Staples to be printed.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.


You might get some suggestions from other OmniGraffle users here, but I’d recommend also contacting Omni’s support humans by sending email to we respond to most support requests by the end of the following business day. If you’re able to provide a sample document that demonstrates the issue, that would be helpful! (Ideally also a photo of what you’re seeing come out of the printer, so we can see exactly what you mean.)

Thank you for the suggestion. I feel as if I have tugged on the shirt sleeves of the real people at Omni too often… I do research everything and read the support material first and believe they are there to support professional users, and I am just a crafter.

But… I will because I can’t solve this problem, either!

Thank you, kcase!