Trigger automation off completion of a task or project?

I don’t think this is possible in the OF2 or OF3, but I can think of some situations in which I would like to use such functionality. E.g., when I complete a task in a project, it triggers a script or workflow that creates more tasks for a subsequent phase of of the project. Does anyone else think this would be beneficial? I plan to send an email to OG asking for this functionality.


I think I might have seen somewhere that this will be possible with OmniJS - it would definitely be useful to me!

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This scenario was mentioned in the 2017 roadmap blog post:

In OmniFocus, imagine the possibilities that open up when you can trigger a workflow just by checking something off!

And yes, it would be such a useful thing. I’ve had a similar question about OmniOutliner since last year.

My guess (and hope) is that this is already on their plans, since it was talked about in the 2017 blog post, and will be available when they get around to implementing it. Contacting them certainly wouldn’t hurt.

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