Trigger iOS Shortcut from within OmniFocus?

Question - is there a way to run an iOS Shortcut when checking off a repeating task in OmniFocus?

Example A
I have a shortcut that will set a ‘laundy finished’ reminder on my phone 90 minutes from when it is run. It would be really cool if I have this run automatically when I check off a weekly repeating task in OmniFocus to “Put laundry on to wash”.

Example B
I use the Streaks app to build better habits. I have one that reminds me to meditate for 15 minutes every day. I would like a way to automatically mark this as complete in Streaks when I tick off the corresponding daily repeating task in OmniFocus. Possible?

No, but it may be possible to kick off an IOS shortcut which shows you the right view in OmniFocus so you can complete the task and then the shortcut continues to add a task in reminders.

You’ll have to have a play with Shortcuts

It occurs to me that I could have a Shortcut that is triggered when OmniFocus closes, that checks to see whether today’s copy of the task has been marked as completed? Would that be possible do you know? Is there a way to use Shortcuts to lookup the current status of a task?

I haven’t found any documentation about what is possible with OmniFocus and Shortcuts.

OmniFocus and Shortcuts:

More Omni Automation & Shortcuts:

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My (hacky) solution has been a separate metatask to “Run Shortcut once I’ve done x” as a task blocked by something else (i.e. like in a sequential project), and then with the URL to run the Shortcut in the notes of that task.

Alternatively, I have also taken the approach of combining this in to that last task you describe, like “Email John to say this is all done, then run Shortcut”, and again, the URL to run the Shortcut is placed lovingly in the notes of that task.

Hope this helps!