Trouble changing font size in notes section

I am having a hard time figuring out exactly what I need to change to get my font size bigger within my notes section in OmniFocus. I export the style and then open it with text edit. Once in there I am a little lost. I’ve read the support article but still can’t seem to figure it out. I want to use the system font (San Fransisco) but just have it be a few points larger. Any help would be appreciated.



Hi David,

Try changing the OFITextStyleNoteBody (all 5 sizes) and the Font Size entry under OFITextStyleInspectorSidebarNoteBody. Because you want to use System Font, set your font to that first and export the style so that all you will need to change is the size used. Once you make the changes, import the new style, change to the new Font Collection in the style preferences. Then you want to quit and relaunch OmniFocus.

Please read through my tips for resetting notes that have custom style data on them already (because of copy/paste or because they were formatted in OmniFocus) at Increase notes default font size in OmniFocus 2.5

Hope this helps!

Thanks so much! I’ll give this a try.


I was successfully able to change the font size in my notes. Thanks again for all your help.