Trouble Creating a Custom Today Perspective

Hi I am new to Omnifocus and would like to create a custom Today Perspective that shows Due Items or Flagged Items (and ideally past due items as well). I can’t see how to do this as the Status option under “Filtering” just shows Any Status, Flagged, or Unflagged. I’ve seen numerous users show this custom perspective online and their configuration, and for Status they have “Due or Flagged” as an option.

See below.

Thanks !!

“Most OmniFocus enthusiasts have a Today perspective and your old pal Brett is no exception. This perspective collects anything with either a flag or a due date within the next 24 hours, then orders those tasks by due date with the most recently due item at the top, followed by flagged tasks. Because I flagged the day’s work in the Candidates perspective, this is the perspective from which I work each day. I check this one multiple times per day, as you can imagine.”

Hi jerryv914,

The issue you may be facing is that custom perspectives are only possible in the Pro version of OmniFocus.

To create a new perspective, under the Perspectives menu choose “Show Perspectives”. There you can add and edit custom perspectives if you have the Pro version.

If you don’t have the Pro version, you can still view your items that are due Today. Click on Forecast, and on the left hand side where the calendar is, click on “Today”. You can use the view options which you get to by clicking on the icon that looks like an eye to choose what you want to see.

I hope this helps! Welcome to OmniFocus.

However this doesn’t address the flagged items. This in addition to checking the flagged perspective will get it all, but won’t be as smooth as the described workflow.

@jerryv914, you may want to configure your today widget (that appears in notification centre) to show the items you want, due and flagged, and use that as your working perspective if you don’t wish to upgrade to OmniFocus Pro.


Thanks for the reply. I do I have Omnifocus Pro installed, and have verified this from About Omnifocus. I do not have a problem with the ability to create Custom Perspectives, as this option is available in the Perspectives menu via Add Perspectives. The problem is that when creating a Perspective, like the Today perspective, the Filter by Status option does not give me the ability to select Due or Flagged items—just Flagged or Unfledged (or All Items). I have seen numerous screenshots from other users showing an option here of “Due or Flagged”, but I don’t have that.

The bottom line is how do I create a Custom Perspective of Due or Flagged items. This should be a very basic custom perspective that most users would want to create.


You have to choose "Don’t use project hierarchy” for the perspective to be able to filter by status Due or flagged.

Aha! Thank you.