Trouble organizing daily maintenance

I have a series of tasks that I perform each morning that I call a Morning Review. I had each of these tasks tagged so that they’d show up in my Today Perspective - but they were really cluttering the view. So I’d like to have it so that just the Project or Task collection “Morning Review” shows up.

I’ve tried tagging the project and that didn’t seem to work. I tried creating a Morning Review Task within the project and then having the individual actions be subtasks, but that didn’t get it to show either.

I’ve attached a screenshot - part of the problem seems to be that both the Parent task and the Project are showing up as Unavailable. I’m not sure why.

So I guess my specific question is how to structure either the Project or a Parent task to be available in the Today view. Although if you have a different solution so that this shows up without all the individual tasks cluttering up the view, that’s helpful too. Thank you!

Perhaps the structure I described here (Pack for trip 2) would work for your morning review? Show tasks with sub-tasks

You could even put the ‘today’ tag on all the tasks, since Forecast will only show the ones which are available (as long as they don’t have a due date). As soon as you mark “Start morning review” as complete, the detail tasks will become available and show up.


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