Trouble re-installing v1 to get the free Pro upgrade in Universal v2

Is anyone else having trouble reloading OF1 to their iPhone or iPad? I can’t do it because OF1 doesn’t appear in my list of purchased apps.

I purchased OF1 for iPhone in September 2008. It shows in my iTunes purchase history. Yet OF1 does not appear in the App Store under “purchased” when I search for it with my iPhone.

OF1 was on my iPhone when I purchased OF2. I wanted the free upgrade to OF2Pro, so I attempted that. OF2 didn’t recognize that OF1 was on my device. I contacted OmniGroup customer support, and they said delete OF1 from my device and reload it to see if OF2 would recognize it. Deleting it was easy, but reloading it is impossible if OF1 doesn’t appear in my list of purchased apps in the App Store.

Same problem on the iPad, which also had a copy of OF1 at the time I purchased and downloaded OF2.

Next, I called Apple to tell them that my purchase history for iTunes shows a 2008 purchase of OF1 but my App Store history does not show OF1. Their answer is that the developer must have pulled OF1 completely from the App Store.

So…is anyone able to see OF1 as a purchased item in their App Store? I asked my sister - who also bought the OF1 app in 2008 - if she could see it in her App Store purchase history. Nope. I’m guessing this is a universal problem, but I’d like more data.

If it’s been removed from the App Store by OmniGroup, how are we supposed to get OF2 to recognize that we are eligible for the free upgrade to OF2Pro?

I’m sorry for the trouble! v1 has been pulled from sale, but barring something like your phone being signed into a different AppleID than it sounds like iTunes is using, the purchase should still appear. What happens if you try the following?

  1. Launch the App Store on your phone.
  2. Tap “Updates” at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap “Purchased”.
  4. Tap the “All” tab in the upper-left of the screen.
  5. Swipe down slightly to reveal a search field, then type “OmniFocus” into that field.

At this point, your screen should look something like the attached image, but if your device doesn’t show v1 as in the screenshot, the next things to check would be that the phone is still signed into the same iTunes account (and the same country’s App Store) that the OmniFocus 1 purchase was made from. If those haven’t changed, the purchase may have been accidentally hidden. In that case, the steps in this Apple support article should help you make it visible again…
<img src="/uploads/default/3324/8185bd0a92eb9fd8.PNG" width=“281” height="500”>