Try again: lines forcing connections to circles

No response to this from 12 days ago:

When I draw a circle and then draw a straight line and I lay the line over the circle through a diameter - they become somehow permanently glued together! I can imagine this might be useful in some cases, but once they’re joined, I cannot find any keystroke that will allow me to move one without moving the other or even deleting one without deleting the other. I do not have any magnets allowed anywhere.

How do I separate these things and what is this “arrangement” called?


This is interesting! As best I can tell, what is happening is the circle (or any other shape) is getting attached to the line the way a label does. I can drag the circle along the line from end to end, and if I try to drag it away from the line it separates once it is dragged far enough away (again, like a text label on a line). In the sidebar layers view, the shape even gets the word “Label” applied to it. So I’m pretty sure it’s becoming a label for the line.

From Inspectors, go to the Properties menu (gear). Turn off the check boxes for Lines and Other Objects. I usually keep them all off because it is freaking annoying when trying to do FreeStyle drawing to have my connections jumping all over the place.
There is a lot you can do with connectors and magnets but it often is counter-productive when drawing Freestyle.
Does that help?

You also might want to turn off “Smart Alignment Guides” under “Arrange” → “Guides”. Just had that interfer with my drawing of a line.