Trying to configure magnets - Connection inspector not showing

Hi chaps, I’m trying to do something very basic, having upgraded to Omigraffle 6 and can’t work it out at all.

I want to set a rectagular shape with four magnets - top, bottom, left and right. Simple yes?

So according to the manual I should select the shape, CMD-3 to show the Connections inspector.

But CMD-3 displays the Canvas inspector with sections:

Diagram Layout

No way to see the Connector inspector all the default magnet layouts that I can see. Any idea?

I had the same problem, and I also tried to follow the instructions in the manual. From the Omni Support I then learned that this only works in the pro version. It is still possible to do in the standard version, but you will have to go to the menu Edit and choose Magnets: Positions. They’re going to correct the instruction in the manual.