Trying to plan my week using Forecast. Overdue List Not Updating

Trying to be good about Doing My Weekly Planning. However As I Drag-And-Drop over due Items to a future date in the Calendar They Still Stay in the Overdue List. I Have Even Set the Deferred List In the Future As Well But That Still Leaves Them in the Overdue List. How Do I Refresh That List.

Sorry for All the Misplaced Capitals but for Some Reason When I Post Here Dragon Is Acting Weird.

Do they have a project or an action group that has an overdue due date? I think that will keep them in the overdue list.

No they are single task items

If you look in the inspector with the item selected, does it have a future due date set but still gets collected in overdue? If so, then I would check the due date of its project.

If it has a past due date but a future defer date, then it still shows up in overdue by design.

Agreed - I just fiiled an enhancement request to make the UI here more obvious. I spent a good 20 minutes last night having dragged a bunch of items to a future date in the Forecast view, only to find them still overdue - with a red-highlighted future date in the item details, but still residing on the past date in Forecast!

Here’s what I requested - see also attached screenshot.

…there’s a UI problem here. It’s clear in the inspector when a container is setting an item’s due date (italics, and the field says “due with container”).

But I think there needs to be some visual indicator when an item’s due date is explicitly set, but then being overridden by its container.

I get that you want to be able to have an overall project due date, with earlier dates for some items in the project; but particularly with the advent of dragging items around on the forecast view, it’s going to get easier and easier to accidentally set item dates LATER than the project - and the current design doesn’t make that problem obvious enough.

Is there something I’m missing? Maybe the intention is that the forecast view is doing this, but I have to say that seeing items on 6/5 that explicitly say – in red – “Due 6/8/14” – did not clarify matters for me.