Turn off review for a project

Is there a way in OF for the iPad to turn off reviews for some projects. In particular I have a number of single action projects that are really just a list of separate actions and don’t need a project review. Obviously I could just set the review interval to a long time (100 years!) but they still appear on the list

You can also change the review interval to something extra long. When you have the project in the review perspective, you can look at the bottom of your iPad screen.

On the bottom-right hand corner, you’ll see a coffee icon button labeled as “Mark as Reviewed.” To the left of the coffee icon, you’ll see another button with the text:

Review: Every week
Next: November 10th (or whatever the next review date is)

Tap on this button and you can reset the review interval to something longer.

I usually only have to review some projects infrequently. I’ll set it to one month, every 3 months, or even once a year.

Urgent projects will have a review interval of every two days to once a week. Projects or single action lists like the ones you mentioned are set to be reviewed once a year. Sometimes, it makes sense to review these projects every once in a blue moon.

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Thanks. I’d seen how to change. The frequency but I assumed that the ones in the future just sat there greyed out. I hadn’t reailsed that they disappear from the vview which is fine. I have about 90 projects and I didn’t want to have to scrollvhrough them all trying to find the ones that need review.

@wilsonng mentions the review interval, which is a great way of punting a project’s reviews off to the future (review in a century!). This is usually my preferred way of getting a project out of my review list for long periods of time.

I want to also point out that the Next Review field in the Inspector is settable – you can, for example, specify that a project’s next review falls in 2100. Regardless of the review interval, OmniFocus will respect a next review date that you set. This can be handy when, for example, you want to ignore a project for six months and then resume reviewing it every week: leave its review interval at one week, but change its next review date.

Thanks. Yes I have set up the delayed reviews for a number of projects it was just the ones that never need reviewing as they are just a list of loosely related items. The bit I hadn’t realised is that they disappear from the list of projects to review. Initially I thought they just stayed there greyed out.

PS what’s an inspector

I’m sorry – I misread the forum tags! I thought we were discussing OmniFocus 2 for Mac, not iPad. The Inspector is the right sidebar on the Mac.

On the iPad, you can set the Next Review date by tapping the interval and date at the bottom of the Review outline. Apologies for the confusion!