Turning off inheritance of project tags - possible?


I have a tag that I use for projects for which I have support materials. Unfortunately, this tag is inherited by every (sib)task that I create in these projects, and this often does not make sense because it indicates that I have support materials that I need for this specific task - which is not the case most of the time.

Currently I have to manually delete this tag every time I create a new task. Is it possible to turn of inheritance? Otherwise an option would be great!

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Not possible that I know of.

I’d like some tags to inherit, and some to not inherit. What would be useful are “Project Tags.” Tags that only apply to the project. This would be in additional to the current inheritable tags.

We’d then also need perspective functions like: Project Tagged with any of:


Great idea! I agree - we do need the ability to have project only tags and not have them inherit.

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Any word on this from devs? Sorry not sure of the feature request process. But stopping actions inheriting the project’s tags would make things so much better.

I want to use tags to prioritise projects but it’s made so difficult by actions inheriting them. It adds so much noise to the system.

You need to contact Omni support directly.

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Resurfacing this… Here is the feedback I sent to Omnigroup:

"Feature Request: An option to turn off inherited tags when tagging at the project level. I assume some people like to have tags from the main project inherited but I’d rather not have that happen. I’d think a preference item to turn off tag inheritance would be very useful. Need to be able to turn it off on both iOS and Mac. If you want to go a step further maybe have a way of indicating that a tag is a project only tag. That way you could tag a project with tags that are for the project only and then have interhited tags where it makes sense. Then we’d need perspective functions like: "Project Tagged with any of:”


I agree with georgeacrump and will second that feature request in an e-mail to Omnigroup

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