Two documents, side by side in new version?

I just requested this as a feature to think about but wondered whether other users would like to see it too.

I think it would be very useful to work on two documents side by side and share data between them, probably by copy and paste (but drag and drop would be good too, however unlikely).

Anyone agree?

If I understand your request, this is already possible. You just place the two windows next to each other.

(If you’re seeing two tabs in the same window instead of two windows, just drag one of the tabs out of the window so it becomes a separate window.)

(I’m just another user–not Omni support.)

Um @fssbob this is about iOS. Your answer was about macOS.

Oops–missed that. (RSS Feed–I wasn’t paying attention.) Sorry.

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Not sure this is a limitation of OO. Have you found a way to have two windows of ANY app open at the same time in iOS?

A workaround might be to export one doc as pdf and have the pdf and OO open at the same time.

I don’t think it is a limitation of iOS, but not offered by the system as a standard yet - I think the developer would have to make their own unique solution and the issue might be that that is a lot of work and, possibly too, Apple might then offer it as a new feature in iOS 11 or some iPad focussed point upgrade.

I did see this recently as a feature of a word processor app, but currently can’t find the link I saw . I can’t see it listed here: but then again, neither is Omni Outliner.

Personally, I would like two Omni Outliner docs open side by side that I could edit simultaneously but I realise now, I might be in a minority of users. It’s strange how our own preoccupations seem obvious, common and popular but surprisingly, when shared more widely, we find that others are completely indifferent to them. This may be the real reason why (nearly) no one offers this as a feature., it’s too niche.

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