Two feature requests: Minus buttons in calendar inspector and alt folder names for context lists

Here’s a couple feature requests I submitted to OmniGroup for OF 4. Curious your thoughts!


I proposed several improvements, fixes, and features in your Slack discussion group. They were well received by other Slack users. You can see the discussion here.

If I may, I’d like to officially request two of them:


In the inspector (my favorite feature in the entire app!), it currently has buttons for today, +1 day/week/month. I REALLY wish I could optionally choose to have a second row of buttons for MINUS 1 day/week/month. This would avoid having to cancel and then start over again, when I make a mistake. This is particularly frustrating when the date happens to be months in the future. (I’m already managing three projects (singing gigs) scheduled in September 2024, one in October, two in November, and one in December.)

I realize you can manually type “-1w” (for example) into the inspector, but this is not a viable alternative for two reasons: (a) it takes eight clicks on iOS to execute this, starting with having to select the entire current value, and (b) it only changes the date relative to TODAY, and not relative to the current date OF THE SELECTED ITEMS (which is what I need).

(I only use OmniFocus on my iPhone.)


The colon-separated context list is invaluable. However, I would like to propose something that would GREATLY increase its value even further.

First, some important context: I use OmniFocus to manage more than sixty singing gigs, scheduled all the way through 2024. I currently have twelve month folders (January, February, …, December), each of which contains several gigs (each of which is a project):

To avoid twelve month folders in my Projects perspective, I divide it up into quarters. Here’s my current folder structure;

Singing > Hired! > Future > January-March > January

While the “Hired!” and “January-March” folders are important in the Projects perspective, they are cumbersome and undesirable in the colon-separated context list. This is especially because the project name – the most important thing of all – is pushed out of view because of the long folder names!

Therefore, I am requesting that each folder be configurable in this way:

[x] Include in colon-separated context list

  • ( ) Use full name: “January”
  • (o) Use shortened name: [Jan] (👈that’s a textbox)

Live example: Sing : Hrd : Jan : [Project name goes here]

The specific abbreviation (shortened name) should be left to the user.

This would make the colon-separated context list not just better, but IDEAL. Also, what’s important in the Projects perspective – longer folder names and more folders – can remain, but without needlessly cluttering up the context list.

I hope that makes sense!

Thanks so much.

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You need to log these directly with Omni Support. This forum is not the place to log feature requests.

I did, as stated in my first sentence. I just wanted to hear people’s thoughts. This post may not officially increase the chances of it being implemented, but it can’t hurt!