Two question for iPad edition

Iam new to OmniGraffle, and are testing the iPad edition;

  • I can’t find any way to select multiple objects og mark an area of objects (to be able to move them)
  • I can’t find any whay to import other files (part of a process) in a main sheet

Is this functioanllity supported in iPad ?

The first question, is now ok (tab nad hold, then select anuther object)
The second is still a question.

We have a cheatsheet of gestures at

For some file types (Visio for example), you tap the Share button and choose “Copy to OmniGraffle”, and for other types (PNG, PDF or JPEG) you Copy the file and Paste into OmniGraffle.

If you are trying to use photos from your device, use the Stencil window (Tap the + in the top toolbar when in a document) and tap the Camera icon to access your photos inside of OmniGraffle to take a picture or place any Photo from the device onto your Canvas.

If you are testing on the iOS 11 Beta with the OmniGraffle TestFlight build, drag and drop to the Canvas, to graphics on the Canvas and to the Sidebar are all supported. The 3rd video down at iOS 11 Introduction Page is a good Multitasking example.

thanks for advice

more helpful advice on