Typefaces in OmniFocus

I really do have more important things to worry about, but here goes:

Are any typefaces available in OmniFocus other than Proxima Nova, Georgia and System Font? I work for several hours a day with OmniOutliner and OmniFocus opened side by side, and would like to have matching typefaces in both programs. Proxima Nova and System Font are not available to OmniOutliner, and I don’t like a serif typeface for on screen work. So if I can change the typeface in OmniFocus or find a free version of Proxima Nova or System Font for OmniOutliner my need for consistency would be satisfied.

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You can specify any font in OmniFocus using a custom theme. Have you checked out this thread?


“System Font” in macOS El Capitan and later is San Francisco. You can download that from Apple here:


(we call it “System Font” because Yosemite uses Helvetica Neue instead)

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Thanks for the speedy reply. I’ve looked at some custom theme info, but I thought it was colors only.