Typing day name no longer works to define date

Since upgrading to OmniFocus 2.3, typing the name of the day (for example “mon”) no longer sets the date of a task to the next monday. This used to work and was a rather nice feature. What’s gone wrong?

It’s working fine for me.

@MalcolmHLevitt Sorry about this! Would you mind sending us an email so we can help troubleshoot this further?

Sure, thanks for your response. I’m running OmniFocus/2.3/GM-v101.2.1 on a MacBookPro with OSX 10.10.5. If I create a new action and type “mon” into the “due date” box then it just sets the date to today, not the next monday. And the same for everything else, such as “+1w” which doesnt work either, etc.

This behaviour turned out to be due to a non-standard date format in System Preferences. Restoring the default date format eliminated the problem.