UML Diagrams and Flow Charts

The subject line says it all – I’m looking for templates and/or symbols that can be used to create UML (Class) Diagrams and Programming Flow Charts in OmniGraffle. Does anyone have any information, reference(s), or templates to share?



Did you not get any with OG? UML elements show up in my stencil library. Check in Stencils -> Diagrams and you are likely to see UML and Data Flow Diagrams.

If you type UML in the search field, a whole bunch show up from StencilTown, too.


Thanks – keep in mind I’m new here – asking questions is the process of learning.

With that said, the UML Class Diagram “stencils” are pretty basic, but will work as a start.

The Flow Chart “stencils” are very weak with regard to showing programming relationships (i.e., Input, Output, Decisions, et al).

I am assuming one can add to the stencil library. I’ll figure that out soon as well as where is StencilTown.

Thanks for providing a start.



Yes. And you might want to read up on how to create stencils - really easy. I have made my own instead of relying on others and it makes it much easier.

What I like about the way OG does stencils (I haven’t used many other current vector programs - CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Designer, etc) which is basically just a regular drawing. Each Canvas represents a category. Layers may be used but don’t provide any separation/subdivision. But you can turn off layers in a stencil to simplify the list.

You build a stencil from File -> New Resource -> New Stencil. You can put pretty much anything you want on them.


Thanks – I will Investigate.



Let me know if you have any troubles and I will try to help.