Unable to convert Group to single Task in OmniFocus 4

I’m wary of posting this topic because it seems like it should be so easy and obvious to solve the problem: I’m unable to convert a Group to a single Task. What makes it all the more frustrating is that OmniFocus 4 itself converted the task to a group when I pulled a different task from the day before into the current day and OF4 decided that it should be nested within another single task. According to OF4 Help, I should be able to do this in the Inspector, but I see no option to do so (see image).

Any ideas?

When the group selected, you can choose “Ungroup” from the “Organize” menu to ungroup all of its nested items.

Alternatively, you can move nested items out of the group either by dragging them out of the group (dropping them outside the group), or by selecting them and using Organize > Outdent (making them peers which follow the group). When an item has no more nested items, it will no longer be considered a group.

Hope this helps!

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When I have the group selected (see screenshot), I don’t see the option to ungroup (see screenshot). Also note that, despite the disclosure arrow, there are no nested tasks.

Oh, I see! It sounds like you have some nested tasks that aren’t visible in the current view. If you’re looking at that item using the built-in Projects (or Inbox) perspective, try opening View Options (using the View toolbar item, View > Show View Options, or Shift-Command-V) and switch to displaying Everything.

If you’re in a different perspective, you can quickly switch to Projects (or the Inbox) by selecting the item and choosing View > Show in [Projects/Inbox] (Option-Command-R), then follow the above steps.

Once the nested items are visible, you should be able to use the Ungroup menu item as described in my earlier note.

If that’s not the problem, we might need to do a little research to learn more about the structure of that task and figure out what’s going wrong. My advice would be to reach out to our support team at omnifocus@omnigroup.com—though, unfortunately, there’s likely to be a delay in responding as we’re still working through a long backlog from releasing the new version.

Bingo! Thanks, Ken!