Unable to edit document linked to in notes (opens in view mode only)

I have documentation stored on One Drive on my Mac.

I want to link to these files in OF on my Mac - don’t want to embed them. I drag and drop the file to the note in my task, which makes a link.

However, when I click the link the document will open (in this case MS Word docs) but it is in view mode (see attached picture). I am supposed to duplicate the document, but of course don’t want to do this.

Is there any way around this?

Does your link work as expected when you do same the workflow with a different but similar application?

That is an excellent question, which I should have looked at initially.

I tried several different types of documents. For each document I created a new document and put it in my downloads folder, then I dragged it to the notes field in a task. This created an icon and the title to the document. Looks fine.

Next I double-clicked on the icon in the note. The document would open in the correct application, but it was always locked and the name was now followed by the next sequential number (e.g. 1,2,3 and so on).

Next I thought well I could just “Reveal in finder” and edited it there. So this would work like a pointer or link to the document.

When I did this I was astonished to find that the downloads folder wasn’t opened. Instead…

a temp folder was opened.

Now I am very very confused. This seems to be really wrong. I dragged the file from a specific folder in Finder, and then when I go to reveal where that item is, OF has moved the item.

What am I missing?

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